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Cottage ID 6
ID 6
Rooms: 12
Location: Blue bay
Interior: A comfortable villa is located on the coast of Sevastopol on rocky shores in the area of Blue Bay. Distance to sea is about 100 meters (wild rocky beach), and about 15-20 minutes of walking - wild sandy-pebble beach "Blue Bay".
On the territory there is a heated swimming pool 10m x 5m (heating of the pool for an additional charge), equipped with a counterflow, ozonized installation, thus avoiding the chlorination of water. This is especially attractive for people with allergies.
The area is fully equipped for your comfort:
children's playground, barbecue, deck chairs, tables with umbrellas, two billiards tables (Russian and American).

The villa:
2-bedroom luxes on 3 floors: the furniture of the vine, 2 bedrooms bed, telephone, TV, 2 air conditioners, bathroom and refrigerator.
2-bedroom semi-luxes: 2 bedrooms bed, telephone, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, bathroom with shower.
5 rooms, superior: 2 bedrooms bed, telephone, TV, refrigerator, furniture made of wicker, a bathroom with shower.
2 double standard: two single beds, telephone, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, furniture made of wicker, bathroom with shower.
1 lux with a fireplace on the 1st floor: 2 rooms, double bed, telephone, TV, 2 air conditioners, furniture, bathroom, a refrigerator, a working fireplace.

Fireplace room for recreation and celebrations.
Sauna. (120 UAH per hour)
Enclosures for the animals.
Laundry service (20 UAH - 1 loading).

Villa welcomes guests all year round!

Price: respectively: 15.01-01.06 and 01.10-25.12, 01.06-01.07 and 01.09-01.10, 01.07-01.09 and 25.12-15.01
standard - 300 UAH, 350 UAH, 400 UAH
superior - 350 UAH, 400 UAH, 500 UAH
semi-lux - 450 UAH, 600 UAH, 700 UAH
lux - 550 UAH, 700 UAH, 900 UAH
lux with fireplace - 600 UAH, 800 UAH, 1000 UAH

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